Thursday, October 2, 2008

Three Cups of Tea

Want to be challenged or inspired.? How about just go along for the adventure? I absolutely loved this book. Ok, I'll admit, some parts may have been a little slow but the miracle of what was done through one man is just plain amazing!

Greg Mortenson went from someone who lived a selfish life (that sounds harsh but he was an avid mountain climber and lived his life around that passion) to someone who is absolutely selfless. At the time of this book his organization (which started with just him keeping a promise to build one school) had built 55 schools, many being schools for girls in radical Muslim areas.

I was inspired. I work with a ministry called African Book Challenge, that ministers to children in Kwabeng Ghana, a town that has no help from the major relief organizations, and after reading this I am excited by what man and then one group can do to change the lives of children.

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