Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

Just started this challenging book. Here's a segment I wrote about it on another blog:

Thankfully, this is not my dilemma but I would like to share a quote with you from the book Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger.

“Sometimes I think, “If I die, I won’t have to see my children suffering as they are.” Sometimes I even think of killing myself. So often I see them crying, hungry and there I am, without a cent to buy them some bread. ‘My God, I can’t face it! I’ll end my life. I don’t want to look anymore.” - Iracema da Silva, resident of a slum in Brazil


Here I am worrying because my family doesn’t have everything we are ”supposed to” have, and yet, tonight my children will eat.

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Chef E said...

Cheap Momma- I am glad I stumbled upon this blog...I love reading, and also have many many books in our house and we swap out on occasion!

I am also bothered by the hunger and wealthy who roam without a thought or care of sharing...